For Sellers

There are many factors to take into consideration when preparing to sell your Home. Many will directly impact how quickly it will sell, and at what price. We’ll help you determine which ones you can and can’t control, and help you chart a path to a successful sale that surpasses your expectations!

* Free Market Analysis of Your Home
* The Selling Process
* Advice for Sellers

Exceptional Service from Listing to Closing
2 Phases of Pre-Market Preparation

Phase 1 – Pricing Your Home to Sell

A Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, is an indicator of what today’s buyers are willing to pay for your home. In it we will compare your home to others in your neighborhood that have sold recently in order to determine its true market value. Together we will establish the property list price for your property. Some of the factors we’ll consider in determining the Value of your Home are:

* Location
* Condition
* Size and Amenities
* Style
* Special Attributes of Your Home
* Community Amenities
* Buyer Supply and Demand
* Financing Options Available to Perspective Buyers

There are significant risks to overpricing a home. Some of them are:

* Decreased interest of motivated prospective Buyers
* Fewer real estate agents will show your home
* Guarantee buyers will be less willing to negotiate
* Wastes time

Phase 2 – Little Things Mean A lot

* Attention to Detail Adds up to a Winning Combination for You
* Staging… Putting your Best Foot Forward
* The goal is to make the property as appealing as possible by maximizing its attributes, making it appear large, bright, clean and inviting.
* Your home needs to surpass the competition.

6 Steps of our Active Marketing Plan
1. Open House(s)
2. Internet Marketing
* Enhanced MLS and Showcase Listings
* Virtual Tour – Both moving panoramic shots and still photos
* Viral Marketing – Over 90% of today’s Buyers use the internet as a significant part of their home buying process; with our advanced technology your home will be displayed on over 650 websites!
3. Print Advertising
* Full color brochures
* Home Book
4. Elegant Presentation Materials and Signs
5. Door Knocking
6. Availability-All communication about your Home is answered promptly

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